Cruising- and anchor permission Islas Atlanticas (Spain/Galicia) – procedure of request – english

The Rías in the south of Kap Finisterre are wonderful sailing areas. You can find very well sheltered anchoring places and marinas for nearly every weather. There are nice beaches where it´s easy to get ashore and many possibilities for provisioning. The big city Vigo offers everything you might need.
If you are looking for a place to overwinter, there are many good options, some of them low priced, in the water or on land.

The national park where you can anchor at the Islas Atlanticas is a highlight. In the low season or in the evening when the beautiful islands are not so crowded, they offer a very special charm.

For visiting the national park, you need two different permissions. We will try to show you the process how to get these permissions:

1. Permission of navigation:

Permission for sailing in the area of the national park. It is valid for one calendar year and you will receive a renewal by e-mail automatically after one year (status quo 2019).

a) To request the permission of navigation, follow this link

you have to fill in this form, which you can send by e-mail:

b) Add copies of the personal documents (identity card or passport) of every crew member and copy of the international boat document

c) It is important to name the documents clearly for the Spanish authority:
– Passport = “Passaporte, ##name of person##”
– Boat document = “Documente del Barco, ##boat name##”
– Request form = “Solicitud”

d) Take care that the data size of the file is not too big

e) Send the form, together with your documents, to the following e-mail-address:

(you might send yourself a copy to make sure that everything went well)

The text in your mail could be as follows:


solicitud de la Autorización de Navegación en Aguas del Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terrestre Islas Atlánticas de Galicia

Estimados señoras y señores,
nos gustaría aplicar la solicitud de la Autorización de Navegación en Aguas del Parque Nacional Marítimo-Terrestre Islas Atlánticas de Galicia.
Gracias y saludos

That was the first step and you should receive the “Permiso Navigacion” in time by e-mail.

2. Permission of anchoring:

For anchoring and enter the islands you need additionally the permission of anchoring. As there is a daily limit for visitors, you always get an anchoring permission only for one day, which you have to define first. When we asked for our permission in the low season, we got the answer within one day. In the high season however, we recommend to send the request as soon as possible, as it might take some days or even weeks, to receive an answer. It´s no problem to cancel the request online, if your plans have changed.

You will need your “Permiso Navigacion” (see point 1), in this document you will find

– Permission number
– Passport number of the skipper

Both numbers are needed for the log in.

In order to get your anchor permission you have to get on this site: Anchor permission

and follow our tutorial:

Special information for Isla Ons and Isla Cies:

Ons: there are moorings in front of the cay for the ferry where you can stay for free. However the moorings are close together, so it could happen that ships will touch each other.

Cies: It´s our favorite island! On the eastside you will find a lot of space for anchoring on sandy ground, just keep away from the ferry cay. We recommend to stay one day for a walk around the beautiful island!